Used Equipment

All used equipment that we sell comes complete with a full 12 months parts and labour warranty, and installation / IQ/OQ to a UK site  (international sites subject to further discussion) unless stated otherwise in the individual item description. PVT is not included in this offer.

VK 7000 Offline System

dissolution testers

A complete, automated offline dissolution system with bath, heater, pump, VK 8000 sample station, tubing, vessels, USP 1 baskets and USP 2 paddles. No PC or software required. Great Condition. £POA

Distek Premiere 5100 Dissolution Tester

dissolution testers

Distek Premiere 5100 Dissolution Tester. Bathless heating jackets, individual, in-vessel temperature, complete with Paddles/Baskets and everything required to perform a Dissolution Test. Great Condition. £POA

Vankel VK 7000 Dissolution Tester

dissolution testers

Vankel VK 7000, 6 position dissolution tester complete with Paddles/Baskets and everything required to perform a Dissolution Test. Can be supplied as a standalone bath or with a VK 8000 to make an offline system. Great Condition. £POA

VK 8000 Sampling Station

dissolution testers

VK 8000 sampling station. A great solution for automated sampling from a wide variety of dissolution testers. Can be configured with USP 1, 2 ,5 or 7 apparatus, and any dissolution tester offered by Agilent/Vankel.  All sampling parameters are controlled by the VK 8000 independently. £POA

ERWEKA MultiCheck 6 Automated Hardness Tester

tablet hardness tester

ERWEKA MultiCheck 6 offering fully automated testing of 4 tablet parameters - hardness, weight, thickness and diameter - for round tablets and straight-edged oblongs. Built-in touch screen with results storage, method storage, product storage, multiple user logins with access levels and basic audit trail. Data export and LAN/USB printing also included as standard. An extremely capable hardness tester in excellent condition. £POA

ERWEKA DFZ 60 USP 4, Flow-through Cell Dissolution Tester

dissolution testers

Includes peristaltic pump, standard 12mm tablet cells, tubing and heater.  Good working condition. £POA

Riggtek Disoprep MX8 Media Degasser

dissolution testers

Riggtek Disoprep MX8 Media Degasser. Includes dossing nozzle. Good working condition.  £POA

CALEVA 10ST Dissolution Tester

dissolution testers

Includes paddles, baskets, vessels and heater - everything required to run a USP 1 and 2 dissolution test.  Good working condition.. £POA

Large Volume Dissolution Tester

dissolution testers

3 x 5 L vessel / test stations, USP 2 paddles and heater included. 2 available. Good working condition. £POA

Caleva Portable Tablet Hardness Tester


Caleva Portable Tablet Hardness Tester, Excellent Condition – 2 Available – 500n and 1000n £POA

TLS Erweka TBH125 Hardness Tester

tablet hardness testers

TLS Erweka TBH125 TD Hardness Tester. Basic unit for hardness, diameter and thickness testing, with symbol keypad, two bright LE displays and USB printer interface. This is an ex demo unit and is in Excellent condition. £POA

Vankel VK808 Filter Changer.

Vankel VK808 Filter Changer,Excellent Condition £POA

Paddle or Basket Shaft Racks

Paddle or Basket Shaft Racks . Excellent Condition. £POA

Media Bulk Storage Tanks on Castors

Media Bulk Storage Tanks on Castors, All sizes available. Excellent Condition. £POA