Dissolution Testers

dissolution testers

Dissolution testers from the quality control experts.

Over the course of 20 years, TLS has gained an excellent reputation within the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry as the go-to supplier of dissolution testers. We have serviced, repaired and supplied dissolution equipment to well-known global organisations, leading academic institutions and pharmaceutical and veterinary businesses who use us as their preferred provider of dissolution systems year on year. Aside from supplying new dissolution units, we also calibrate, validate and maintain them to industry USP/FDA standards. Our broad range of dissolution testers, as shown below, covers every requirement  – from lighter workloads to the more busy laboratory environment. We can supply single dissolution rigs, on-line and off-line dissolution systems, which can also include semi and fully automatic dissolution capabilities. Please contact us with your requirements.

What are dissolution testers?

If you’re thinking about purchasing some new dissolution testers for your laboratory or university, and you haven’t done so before, allow us to explain them to you quickly. In a nutshell, dissolution testers are pieces of analytical equipment, specially designed to enable the sampling and recording of a sample’s dispersal in a solution. Calculating dissolution allows researchers, manufacturers and quality control departments to confirm and record a sample’s rate of release. Find out more here. All pharmaceutical, veterinary and university/academic organisations that produce, conduct research or teach pharma/tablet related sciences and manufacturing will require dissolution equipment to comply with USP regulations during quality control procedures and to aid with drug development studies. Download the full ERWEKA dissolution tester catalogue here.

dissolution tester

DT 126/128 Lite Dissolution Testers

Basic stand-alone dissolution testers. 100% USP/EP/JP compliant. The DT 126/128 includes 6/8 test stations, evaporation covers, vessels, sampling cannulas and USP 2 Paddles/Shafts

dissolution testers

DT 950 Digital Dissolution Testers

The new ERWKA DT 950 range of dissolution testers is our first digital dissolution tester on the market, equipped with the most advanced technology for the requirements of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

dissolution testers

Dissolution Testers – Online System

On-line dissolution testers with UV/Vis analysis that fully comply with USP/EP./JP specifications and is managed by our advanced dissolution software Disso.net.

dissolution testers

Dissolution Testers – HPLC On-/Offline System

The half-automated dissolution online system is based on the fully validated ERWEKA Disso.net dissolution tester software and offers automated dissolution testing, fraction collection, UV/VIS or HPLC analysis as well a combination of all.

Dissolution Testers

Chewing Gum Tester DRT

Dissolution testing equipment to test chewing gums for the invitro release of substances from the samples into a surrounding liquid medium.