R&D All-purpose Equipment

AR 403 All-Purpose Equpiment

The ERWEKA All-Purpose system is based on a powerful drive unit to which various attachments can be connected.

Universal Gear UG

The universal gear is required for adjusting the angle of operation (0-80°) and for speed reduction (1:6).

Ball Mill KM

Ball mill for grinding crystalline materials and for mixing dry, or under certain circumstances, moist materials.

Conical Mill CM

The conical mill CM is a product in feed system for application in developments in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Polishing drum PT

Polishing drum to polish coated tablets. The drum is covered with interchangeable felt parts.

Filling and dosing ointments FDS

The dosing machine FDS is suitable for filling precise quantities of ointments, creams, emulsions and similar products into tubes, cans, bottles etc.

Wet Granulator FGS

Wet granulator with oscillating rotor for the production of wet granules.

Dry Granulator TG 2000

Dry granulator with two driven rollers running in opposite directions from the inside to the outside.

Cube Mixer KB

The cube mixer uses a tumbling motion to produce a homogenous blend within a short time.

Laboratory High Speed Mixer SW1/S

Laboratory High Speed Mixer SW 1/S Laboratory high speed mixer operating on the plough-share principle for the mixing of powders, granules and other products of fibrous nature.

V-Mixer VB-3

Mixer VB-3 with V-shaped mixing vessel out of stainless steel for gentle mixture of solid well flowing materials (bulk materials). The rotatory motion of up to 140 RPM results in an even more homogenous mixture of possible and suitable sensitive materials. It is equipped with 3 capacious openings for easy filling, emptying and cleaning (mixing … Continued

Mixer Y5

Mixer Y5 with Y-shaped mixing vessel for the gentle mixture of solid wellflowing materials (bulk materials).

Planetary Stirrer PRS

Planetary stirring unit for mixing of creams, ointments, pastes, moist powders and liquids.