Please watch some short videos about our ERWEKA product lines. Remember - as the sole UK distributor for ERWEKA we can service, supply and maintain everything you see here and more. You are welcome to Contact us to find out more.

Dissolution Testers

DT 950 Digital Dissolution Tester

DT 126 Dissolution Tester

Offline Dissolution Auto-Sampling System

DT 9510 Large Volume Digital Dissolution Bath

RoboDiss II - Fully Automated Dissolution 24/7

USP 4 Flow-through Cell System

RoboDiss II with HPLC Integration

Dissolution System with HPLC integration

RoboDiss II with Spiral Sinker

Disintegration Testers

ZT 730 Automated Disintegration Tester with AirBaskets

ZT 121/122 Manual Disintegration Tester

Tablet Hardness Testers

MultiCheck 6 - Automated Tablet Hardness Tester

Heart Shaped Tablets - MultiCheck 6

Odd Shaped Tablets - MultiCheck 6

EasyCheck - Automated Tablet Hardness Tester

TBH 125 Tablet Hardness Tester

TBH 325 Tablet Hardness Tester

TBH 425 - Semi-Automated Tablet Hardness Tester

AutoCal - Electronic Hardness Calibration Device

Other Physical Testers

SVM Tapped Density Tester

TAR Friability Tester

VDT Vacuum / Blister Tester

GTB Granulate Flow Tester

All-Purpose R&D Unit - AR 403

Tablet Press EP1

Coating Pan DKE/DKS

V Mixer VB3

Cube Mixer KB

Conical Mill CM

Planetary Stirrer PRS

Laboratory High Speed Mixer SW1

Wet Granulator FGS

Pelletizer GTE

Drum Hoop Mixer

Universal Gear UG