Dissolution tester DT 126 – 5 reasons why it is essential for budget conscious labs

dissolution testerContemplate about dissolution testers and it won’t be long before the mind dwells on cost. Traditionally not the cheapest piece of laboratory equipment in the world and certainly not the smallest, dissolution testers are a serious decision when committing to purchase or upgrade a lab.

For many small to medium sized manufacturers, academic institutions and developers, budgets are notoriously inflexible and can be a restrictive hurdle when trying to procure new machinery, especially something as specialised as a dissolution tester.

For a long time there wasn’t much alternative but to fork up the cash (through raiding department savings, acquiring loans or sacrificing other desires) in order to obtain a new dissolution tester, but now there is a real alternative to breaking the bank.

The solution comes from ERWEKA, the well-known German manufacture of outstandingly high quality laboratory equipment.  But surely such a prestigious brand as ERWEKA can’t offer a solution to budgetary plights I hear you say? Well, it turns out that, yes, they can!

ERWEKA have long known about the struggles universities and smaller labs can encounter when budgeting for new equipment, and through careful planning and manufacturing execution, a truly affordable, high quality dissolution tester has been made available to even the most financially restricted laboratory.

The DT 126 dissolution tester is the result of a long, hard thought out aspiration to bring down the costs involved in purchasing a new dissolution tester. ERWEKA have really produced something special with the DT 126, and here are the five main reasons why.

Why should you buy this dissolution tester ?

  1. It’s economical. That’s not to say it’s of poor value, because it isn’t. It’s just exceptionally well priced. You can pay as little as £4,728 for the DT 126 unit (excluding VAT and documentation) for an ERWEKA made dissolution tester, with included extras. That is a bargain however you look at it.


  1. It’s good quality. ERWEKA haven’t skimped on their reputational excellence when making the DT 126. This dissolution tester is as good as any of their others in its own class.


  1. The included extras really are included. Six test stations (1000ml vessels), evaporation covers, water heater, USP 2 Paddles, centring rings and height adjustment ball are included in the base price. You can practically perform a dissolution test “out of the box”.


  1. It’s ridiculously easy to use. A simple, built in control panel takes care of test time, RPM, temperature display and there is an optional USB printer connection port. You’ll become an expert user of this dissolution tester in no time.


  1. This is simply a fantastic deal. Considering all of the above, this is a truly affordable, good quality dissolution tester for a university or small laboratory. Where else can you get a dissolution tester complete with all these extras and from a brand as impressive as ERWEKA?


It’s fair to say that thanks to the DT 126, dissolution testing has been made far more affordable and attractive to budgetary burdens. There is now a far greater chance for many more labs to invest in an ERWEKA machine, without the fear of breaching the budget.

The DT 126 is simply perfect for any university or small scale lab looking to buy a dissolution tester. For all enquires relating to its purchase in the UK, Total Laboratory Services Ltd are the exclusive ERWEKA sales agent and can help you with any questions you may have.

To take advantage of the incredible £4,728 base price, or to find out more about the DT 126 and other dissolution testers available from ERWEKA, contact TLS today or click here to read more about our entire range of dissolution testers.