Disintegration Testers and Oral Release Samples

disintegration testers

Disintegration testers are an effective analytical solution for the testing of fast release, oral tablets which require short assessment times.

There are times when tablets are required to dissolve quickly in the mouth, and on occasion release their API before reaching the human stomach tract. This can present a few challenges when attempting to perform accurate in vitro testing, such emulating the environment of the human mouth and taking samples very quickly after the tablet has be submersed into the media. Disintegration testers can offer a solution to this problem where other lab equipment can struggle.

USP 4 systems are more adept for long term, slow release testing, and dissolution apparatus does not always offer the correct vessel and paddle size required when considering the human mouth has just 5mm of liquid within it. Taking fast samples in a short amount of time from these methods is also a little tricky.

Disintegration testers on the other hand, have a slightly more assessable media vessel, and can function with a lower volume of test media inside them, allowing for a more accurate testing environment, where fast testing can be more easily performed. A test of just 2 minutes, with several sample extractions can be performed in lower media volumes. This makes disintegration testers the preferred option for testing fast release oral samples.

It will be very interesting to see how USP continues to adapt and develop protocol to account for the testing of orally releasing samples.

Experts in disintegration testers

In the meantime, we offer a range of disintegration testers capable of performing a test in a variety of ways. We have skilled engineers, with over 20 years of experience with disintegration testers too, who can install, service and repair your disintegration testers to all existing compliance standards. Please feel very welcome to contact Total Laboratory Services Ltd and ask us any questions you may have.