Disintegration Testers – preparing for the worst.

disintegration testersDisintegration testers (like most other lab equipment) provide useful, important information that is used in compliance, manufacturing and R&D departments throughout pharmaceutical and research organisations. It is of course the test results themselves that contain this all-important material, but what can you do to protect and preserve both the disintegration testers and their test result’s integrity and safety?

How do I keep my disintegration testers secure?

Back up your test results – a proven method of data security, even in the face of theft or machine destruction. Backing up test results from all your disintegration testers is easy, simple and a real life saver should anything ever go wrong.

Export your test results – similar to backing up, exporting your test results at the end of every test, directly from the disintegration testers to a computer or memory stick saves you the trouble of having to remember to back up in the first place.

Backup your disintegration tester’s settings – a fantastic way to safeguard yourself in the event of a fire, serious breakdown or theft. The ability to export everything from one machine and re-install it on another is a must have capability. You can export settings, user accounts, methods, products and more with ease between all of your disintegration testers.

User logging – a practically faultless trail of what every user does on the machine, from first logging in, to running tests, printing, exporting, adding products and logging out. You will always know who has done what and on which disintegration testers they have done it.

User accounts – the best way to restrict user access to certain tasks and areas, while having an administrator account capable of doing and monitoring everything else also adds an extra layer of security and integrity.

So, this all sounds excellent right? But where can you find disintegration testers capable of doing such impressive things? The answer, naturally, is right here!

Total Laboratory Services Ltd are the only UK dealer for ERWEKA, and the new ZT 720 range of disintegration testers offer all of the above export and user account features and much more besides. Please take a look and find out more about how this excellent piece of equipment could help you improve your lab’s disintegration testing practice and feel very welcome to ask us for a quotation or demonstration. We’re always happy to help.