Dissolution Testers –The Spare Parts Solution

Here at Total Laboratory Services we not only provide superb dissolution testers straight from the ERWEKA workshop, but also stock a large spare parts catalogue covering all makes and models of dissolution testers in the marketplace.

You can view our new dissolution accessories and consumables directory here.

In almost every circumstance we can replace or replicate any component found inside all established brands of dissolution equipment. No longer do you need to worry about tracking down that elusive piece of specialist equipment, hidden away inside your dissolution tester. Now you can give us a call and sit back as we take care of the rest. As we like to say, we are the right service, offering the right solution to all your laboratory needs. There is no one better equipped to supply spare parts for dissolution testers.

dissolution accessories

Within our stores of spare parts for dissolution testers we commonly supply baskets, paddles, shafts, vessels, conversion kits, drive belts, evaporation covers, height adjusters, heating elements, sample probes, sinkers and even circuitry boards and wiring. Indeed, dissolution baths are seldom out of action or missing components for very long when our skilled engineers dedicate their attention to sourcing and repairing the issue. They are an unstoppable bunch, focused exclusively on getting you what you need.

You can browse some of our commonly requested parts for dissolution testers from our website by clicking here, or for something a little more specialist or difficult to find, then please send us a spare parts request form here.

Allow TLS to look after your dissolution testers

Dissolution units are distinct pieces of equipment, but they need not be a worry if and when they might require some maintenance or attention. Let Total Laboratory Services handle your spare parts and maintenance of all your dissolution testers for peace of mind, excellent service and a professional attitude that never falters. Contact us to find out more.