Laboratory Equipment Calibration

Laboratory Equipment CalibrationTotal Laboratory Services Ltd provide laboratory equipment calibration for lab machinery, old and new, across analytical sectors in the pharmaceutical, academic and life science industries. We have many years’ experience performing laboratory equipment calibration, servicing and maintenance, and are our skilled engineers have a wealth of knowledge which they are ready to employ at your disposal.

Laboratory equipment calibration is a crucial feature of laboratory management. Standards of compliance and regulatory organisations require all machinery to be calibrated, verified and maintained to stated criteria at all times. It’s a well know fact that a faulty instrument or inaccurately calibrated machine can lead to incorrect analysis and unknowingly inaccurate test results, which in turn can cause product defects to slip by. Laboratory equipment calibration ensures these problematic situations are minimalised, making them less likely to occur.

Apart from compliance regulations, the reduction of costly and unnecessary downtime is another factor that equipment calibration can decrease. Regular calibrating often brings to light other potential or current problems that require urgent attention. This benefits the overall condition and longevity of your laboratory equipment, which can reduce long term maintenance costs significantly.

This is how Total Laboratory Services can help you. We can carry out PVT, PQ, OQ, PM, servicing and repairs (and all the other acronym-associated tasks!) along with laboratory equipment calibration. Our work ethic is one of detail, accuracy and proficiency. We cover the entire spectrum of equipment maintenance, and never leave a job unfinished or below our rigidly high standards.

Our laboratory equipment calibration is available to any laboratory that perform analysis and quality control, most commonly requiring USP compliance, along with all forms of hardness testing, dissolution, disintegration and many other analytical devices.

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