The all-powerful AR 403 R&D mixer

AR_3A durable, long-last, all-purpose drive unit specifically designed for R&D and small to medium manufacturing within the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food/ingredients industries. The AR 403 is an innovative piece of machinery, with more than 20 possible attachments precisely designed to carry out stirring, kneading, mixing, granulating, coating, polishing, grinding, sieving, homogenising, filing, dosing and more! Just the kind of machine suited to not only small scale manufacturing and component mixing in general, but also to the careful and unique methods employed by R&D departments when product innovating. There are very, very few machines like this in the UK.

The machine can be utilised as a ball mill, conical mill, three roller mill, cube mixer, double cone mixer, drum hoop mixer, laboratory-high speed mixer, Y-mixer, planetary stirrer, laboratory-kneader, wet granulator, dry granulator, vibration sieve shaker, pelletiser, coating pan, polishing drum, homogenizer, filling and dosing unit for ointments and liquids and as a suppository moulder to name just a few. One of the really unique benefits of this machine is that it is designed to be used with interchangeable attachments, saving space and money.

Perhaps even by reading this list of curious and wonderful techniques, it might become clear that it’s something you may like to know a little more about?

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