Dissolution equipment and the many uses of it

dissolution testersApart from the commonly known fact that medicinal tablets are the primary samples used within dissolution testing, dissolution equipment can also be used to analyse many other products both inside and out of the pharmaceutical world.

It’s perhaps not a shocking revelation but a nonetheless interesting conversation to have with any QC lab technician. Imagine trying to conjure up all of the possible applications dissolution equipment can be utilised for? How many products could you state?

Dissolution testers are at their core based on the same, single design patent that enables them to be both flexible and ridged within the parameters of their own capabilities. So, what are the common products that are widely tested using dissolution equipment?

Tablets – yes, the obvious answer! Tablets are the staple diet of all dissolution equipment and there is no better piece of machinery other than a dissolution tester to prove its dissolvability.

Creams – indeed, it’s not just tablets that can be tested. Creams, gels and some ointments can be tested by utilising dissolution baths with various USP methods attached.

Chewable – It’s not all about those hard, difficult to swallow tablets. Lozenges and soft compound tablets can also be tested.

Sweets – believe it or not, confectionary manufactures also use dissolution equipment during product development and QC testing.

Suppositories – Thanks to USP method 4, suppositories, slow release capsules and even implants can now be analysed using dissolution testers.

Soluble surgical items – Some surgical products (such as stitching, thread and padding) can be tested using dissolution equipment.

Veterinary – Animal medicine and ingestible products are very often tested with dissolution equipment.

The general rule is if it dissolves, it can be tested using a form of dissolution equipment. Some food manufacturers even employ dissolution testing when looking at how certain food products, ingredients or components breakdown inside the human body. The list could go on, but we won’t bore you!

TLS are experts in dissolution equipment

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