CALEVA Dissolution Testers

CALEVA Dissolution Testers CALEVA dissolution testers were once the proudly produced machinery of GB Caleva Ltd, a UK laboratory equipment manufacturing firm specialising in dissolution, disintegration and other lab related instruments. GB Caleva Ltd was eventually welcomed into the ERWEKA family in 2009, becoming part of the iconic ERWEKA brand, internationally renowned for quality and reliability.

Even after finding a new home with ERWEKA, many laboratories still continue to use their original CALEVA dissolution testers, with some significant numbers still in operation throughout the UK – a testament to the excellent design and suitability of CALEVA dissolution machines.

Total Laboratory Services have long held a strong association with CALEVA, indeed, some of our engineers were once responsible for the actual design and building of CALEVA dissolution testers themselves. Who better then, you might wonder, is there to service and maintain the remaining CALEVA dissolution testers still in operation? Total Laboratory Services is the only sensible choice!

TLS has the detailed, expert knowledge base, harvested from more than 20 years’ experience building and working with CALEVA dissolution testers throughout the UK. We know how they work, inside and out, and repeatedly get asked to validate, calibrate and maintain CALEVA dissolution machines on a yearly basis for pharmaceutical and academic laboratories requiring an experienced, reliable professional who knows the CALEVA brand meticulously.

Not only do we service and repair CALEVA dissolution machinery, we also sell well looked after, second-hand CALEVA equipment for outstandingly tempting prices. Such is our affection for CALEVA, we also buy any unwanted or injured CALEVA dissolution testers for very reasonable prices too!

CALEVA dissolution testers are wonderful machines, and they deserve wonderful attention and care, so if you own or operate any CALEVA dissolution or other CALEVA brand testers, please contact the team at Total Laboratory Services, who are the only assured choice where CALEVA is concerned.

CALEVA Dissolution TestersWe can help you with any of the following for CALEVA dissolution testers:

  • Validation, maintenance and repair of all CALEVA dissolution baths
  • OQ and PVT of all CALEVA dissolution testers
  • Sales of used CALEVA dissolution machinery
  • Purchasing of unwanted CALEVA items
  • We also hold a large stock of CALEVA parts and spares, ready for immediate dispatch.

Total Laboratory Services can also perform and offer all of the above services to other CALEVA equipment types, such as disintegration testers and hardness testers etc.