Dissolution Testers – We want your old equipment

dissolution testersDissolution testers have a tendency to last a long time but eventually modernisation catches up with even the most resourceful of labs. When the time comes to purchase a new dissolution tester, the fate of the old unit is often a sticking point for many technicians. Is it really acceptable to throw it away? Can it still be used? Does it stand up to the scrutiny of compliance?

Often the end result is either a stock pile of dusty, space wasting machines in a back room or rather sad sight of a skip full of condemned dissolution testers, exiled to the scrap yard.

But there is another way.

Total Laboratory Services offer a money making approach of getting rid of your old and unwanted dissolution testers without you having to do anything. We buy them from you, for a very reasonable price, and collect them from your premises. It really is that simple!

We almost always purchase every old dissolution tester we come across. Being experts in the repair and maintenance of dissolution testers means we can utilise parts, refurbish certain elements and in many ways, recycle as much as we can from old machines. There is no such thing as wastage as far as we are concerned.

Is it worth selling your old dissolution testers ?

We are very happy to discuss part exchange terms with respect to the purchase of new equipment too. Offering a budget friendly solution to the acquisition of new dissolution equipment when the time comes.

So, if you are thinking about what to do with your old dissolution testers, you only need think of us! We consider all purchases of unwanted dissolution testers very seriously and would be extremely happy to hear from you. You never know, we might just be that useful solution to your surplus equipment problem.

Contact us here to see if we can help.

If you are looking for new machinery, you can view our entire range of dissolution testers here too.