Tablet Hardness Testers – what are the parameters?

tablet hardness testersWhen it comes to tablet hardness, there are a few common parameters that all tablet hardness testers can record. But not all of them can record every factor within the same single test run. Or can they? Well, the honest answer is both yes, and no.

The ERWEKA range of tablet hardness testers cover the entire spectrum of tablet hardness testing and offer various units, capable of varying degrees of test parameters. Some do more than others, and one can do it all – yes, all!

The basic measurements that tablet hardness testers can record and document are commonly defined as the following:

Hardness – Perhaps the obvious one. This is the measured by determining the force required to break the tablet, thus ascertaining how hard the tablet is.

Diameter – The hardness tester can determine the diameter and/or width of the tablet, to confirm it is of the correct size.

Thickness – The hardness tester will record how thick the tablet is, allowing certification that the tablet is indeed of the correct thickness.

Weight – With the incorporation of scales, some tablet hardness testers can record the individual tablet weight, before the other tests are carried out.

Length – A few tablet hardness testers can determine the length of a tablet too, often oblongs and odd shaped samples, to ensure they are of the correct length.

Why is it so important to document all of the above? Because tablets need to be of certain specifications in order to survive in the packaging, and to release their drugs when ingested into the human body as well, and the tablet hardness devices confirm that the required specifications have been met.

Total Laboratory Services Ltd are the exclusive UK distributor of ERWEKA hardness testers. We offer a range of tablet hardness testers that can perform all of the above analytical recordings, according to your individual laboratory needs. We have tablet hardness testers capable of covering the basics, and some truly impressive, fully automated machines, that can carry out every single test parameter within a single test cycle.

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